Palmer House Food Processing Technology, Inc.
Palmer House Foods was founded by my Father, Robert H. ("Bob") Palmer in 1981. I helped my Father incorporate the business in 1981 as a Nebraska company. My father always had a dream to start his own business and did so in 1981.

When he was a young boy growing up in the small Wisconsin village of Prairie du Chien on the banks of the Mississippi river he worked throughout his high school years, in the mid 1930's, for a local German sausage maker and through his whole life was always fascinated by the food processing business. He always remembered the food processing skills he learned as a young boy and many recipe concoctions that preserve and flavored meat, poultry and fish from those high school days. He carried those skills to his family business; his legacy, that remains today!

The original production facility was first opened in Waterloo, Iowa in late 1981 where he first started conducting business at 313 Kothe Street. At that time he was also a care giver to his elderly Mother, my Grandmother Edith Palmer who, at the time, still lived in Prairie du Chien within a two hour's drive from Waterloo. In the early 80's Waterloo, IA was a strong regional location for many of the largest meat packing facilities in the Midwest. Those facilities were beyond the capabilities of our small family business but the area was also a regional center to many small town local locker plants that in many respects were similar to the old sausage facility in his boy hood home town where many of the local residents, farmers and hunters would bring their meat products for processing as sausage, bacon, ground meats, steak cuts, poultry and even fish and in some cases provide cold storage of the items. My father developed many locker plant customers throughout Iowa and some of the surrounding states and to his credit we still have close ties to many of his original customers and their next generation of family owners.

My father was a rather frugal man and actually had his apartment, living space, in the back of the Waterloo production facility as his home. His clothing always smelled like the spice environment in which he lived and worked. Over the years he did create some new jobs in the region loke so many small family businesses that contributed to the local economy. My Father passed away in 1990 and his four children elected to continue the family business and his legacy forward - after all it has the family name on it!

As the Executor of my father's estate I also became the President of Palmer House Foods and with the help of my shareholder siblings continue to move the business forward. We relied a lot on My father's long time office Manage, Mrs. Lu Efting, to carry forward the day to day operations and employee supervision after his death. Until Mrs. Eftings' retirement in August of 2009 we continued operations in Waterloo for over twenty-eight years and prior to that, in 2005, we hired Bartley Novak to learn the daily operations from Mrs. Efting in anticipation of her retiring someday.

Our family goal has always been to build the company into a modern, enduring, enterprise in our father's name and Bartley is helping us attain that goal as our General Manager, Marketing Manager and Corporate Secretary.

We were out growing our Waterloo facility and while it was a difficult decision, we moved the operation to Omaha, NE to accommodate future growth and benefit from the business economies of a larger metropolitan area such as shipping options, building facilities and larger potential employee base to create jobs, both full and part time. In Omaha, we have a modern, certified blending room, a semi loading dock, climate control throughout the building, new, and modern blending machines with the added benefit of nearby shipping facilities for both receiving and shipping our products.

We discussed our move with many of our clients and were assured of their support for the move. In many cases shipping and delivery time have improved. If only my father were alive today to see us fill an entire semi trailer with just one order of our products. Yes, we have expanded our clients with many new and innovative spice and custom blend seasoning products that support the growth of our many loyal customers both old and new.

We are grateful to all our customers that help sustain our family business and in support of that provide them exceptional quality products that they can depend on to support their needs and customers.


Larry W. Palmer
President and CEO

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